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Connection At The Core

At the core we all want to connect. Connection feeds ours soul, lifts our mood and fuels hope. Even when we feel a resistance to connect, if we dig a bit deeper...I bet there is some level of connection we are longing. Take a moment and think...what are you needing? Connection with yourself? Connection with others, nature or maybe your job? It might be your partner or a friend, neighbors, children or your community. Maybe it is bigger than that and you need a global connection. Whether big or small you have the power to create connection in your life. Bring your attention to the concept of connection and notice where it is (and isn't) in your day to day. Take a moment each day to build habits of intentional connection. It may look different for each of you and it will evolve over time. We can create meaningful connection through simple actions... A Hug. A Smile. A wink. A high five. A song lyric. A poem. A shared story. A memory. A squeeze of the hand. A kiss on the forehead. A text. A phone call. A listening ear. A question. An offer to help. A flower. A knowing nod. An inside joke. A finished sentence. A journal entry. A bath. A nature walk. A shared meal. A meditation.

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