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Is My Child Gifted?

More often than not the first statement Kari hears is, "I don't think my child is gifted. He/she is not a genius." It can be intimidating to bring up the topic of giftedness, not knowing what all it could mean or what stigmas or expectations might come along with it. Giftedness does not only mean genius. Giftedness doesn't guarantee achievement or good grades. Giftedness is a state of being and living that comes from an inherent state. It is who a person is and touches all parts of them and their lives. It can mean many things you never realized. Keep an open mind and explore. You are here for a reason. Read more and see if it resonates. Kari will talk you through it, identifying and making sense of what you are seeing and questioning, all the while deepening your understanding and helping you pave your path forward.

Sandy Beach

Did you know that girls tend to hide their giftedness? They often want to fit in or meet others' expectations rather than show their knowledge and abilities. 

Gifted girls need an ongoing support system for their true development and to be surrounded by those sensitive to the dilemma that their talent brings to the females in our world.

Gifted Super Powers

Gifted individuals tend to show higher response in the areas of emotion, empathy, imagination, psychomotor, intellect and sensual. They are called Overexcitabilities, but I say with understanding and compassion they can be super powers!

Kids with Capes
Judicial system

The strong sense of justice is an ever present state of mind for the gifted child. 

Understanding how important this is to the gifted is a key component in relationship building. Parenting and interacting with the gifted child with this in mind helps provides an emotionally supportive and compassionate environment for our sensitive ones.

Advanced Vocabulary 

Asks Why (a lot!)

Strong Memory

Reasons and Negotiates (well!)

Keen Observer   

Grasps Concepts Quickly   



Craves Meaning and Purpose

Asynchronous Development


Often the gifted profile comes with many other gifts and challenges.

Kari Van Bebber will help identify, screen and chart a path of support; untangling the web of these special, yet challenging, gifts.

Antistress Sensory Toy

Sensory Processing Disorder

To best process our world our sensory system needs to be in sync and functioning at it's best. Many gifted individuals need support balancing and optimizing their sensory systems.

Children's Eye Exam

Vision Processing Struggles

No! Not acuity! The neurological system processes visual input and if not working properly can cause many struggles that are commonly missed and misdiagnosed.

Auditory Training

Auditory Processing 

Central Auditory Processing affects how the brain and the ears coordinate with one another.

Image by Robina Weermeijer

Executive Functioning

Working memory, flexible thinking, attention and organization are just a few areas in the EF realm that gifted kids may struggle to develop.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Image by Hiki App
Image by Allen Taylor

Attention Deficit Disorder

Learning Disabilities

Image by Raghav Modi
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