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The Holisitic Approach

The human body, mind and spirit is an amazing, intricate and delicate system that requires attention, care, compassion and authenticity to function at optimal levels. The developing system of a child needs even more of this love and care.

A holistic approach looks at the whole person considering their physical, emotional, social and spiritual well being. It includes looking at the environments and influences present and knowing the individual's personal experience and state of mind. 

Child Centered Holistic Qualitative Assessments provide the opportunity to deepen your understanding of your child, you and the elements of your lifestyle, increasing awareness of the interplays with daily life functioning. 

Healthy Food

The Basics

Physical health, diet, sleep, fresh air, movement

home keys

Home Environment

Structure, routines, safety, non-toxic

School Environment

Emotionally safe, growth oriented, connective, supportive

Boy in Classroom_edited_edited.jpg

Understanding MY Child

Knowing passions, fears, motivations, sensitivities, needs, thinking patterns, strengths and growth areas

Small Child with Large Glasses
School Kids Meditating

Mental Health

Supporting social and emotional well being and knowing when support is needed

Father and Son

Parenting Approach

Connection, compassion and conscious parenting that sees who the child is  and responds to their needs


Finding a balance and a healthy relationship

Image by Maarten van den Heuvel


Activities and relationships outside of school and home

Image by Ben Wicks
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