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Gifted Qualitative Assessment

Gifted Specialist Kari Van Bebber offers a comprehensive qualitative assessment for your gifted child. A Personalized Assessment process will include gathering extensive background information from the parents/guardians, 1:1 interview with the child, 1:1 interview with the parents/guardians, digging deep into WHO the child is including thinking patterns, strengths, growth areas, creativity, social, emotional and developmental stages/milestones, overexcitabilities, sensitivities, temperament, personality types and more. Predictors and characteristics of giftedness will be measured and a deeper understanding of your child's gifts and needs will be revealed. Parenting recommendations and resources for your individual child and school selection and guidance will be provided and discussed. Screenings for vision, auditory processing, attention deficits, sensory processing, ASD, speech, reading disabilities are embedded in the process and connections to other experts are given where needed.

​GQA is not an achievement test. Kari experiences who the child is,  analyzing the child’s gifts, thoughts, challenges and learning what they need to have as much ease and happiness in their day to day as they are ready and able!

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Child Model
Tutoring Session

Expert Guidance

Kari Van Bebber will help guide you in the best direction for you child. No child is the same as the next and looking closely at who they are, family values and the most current needs will drive the just right path to be created. Kari is an expert at identifying where to start and helping you sort through and clarify.

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Screening For Hidden Obstacles

Often the Gifted child's experience is accompanied by a variety of processing difficulties making life harder than it should be. The GQA will screen for hidden obstacles and identify how to support your child in making the day to day a bit easier!

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The Gifted Qualitative Assessment involves many hours of individualized attention and analyzation of your child. Working with the parents/guardians a selection of steps will be made to ensure full identification of your child. Classroom observations, home visits, second interviews and other supplementary elements may be added. Price varies depending on all elements included.

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Gifted Qualitative Assessment (GQA)
provides a deep understanding of WHO your child is. Assessment inlcudes a written report including many of the following pieces and more.

Characteristics of Giftedness

Understanding of Sensitivities

Introvert, Extravert of Mixed Personality Style

Learning Style

Best School Environment Recommendations

Parenting Techniques

Sleep Hygiene

Nutrition Suggestions

Screen Time Guidelines

Peer/Friendship Guidance

Underlying Obstacles Revealed

Interpretation of WISC/WPSSI

Connection to more Gifted Experts

Gifted Resources

Individualized Path Forward

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