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My Gifted Child

Education & Resources

1:1 Mental Health & Social Emotional Sessions

Support & Advocacy

                                                             1:1 Qualitative Assessment                                                                   Connections to Child Centered Experts 


The bright and curious child can be complex and confusing to navigate. You may not be sure your child is gifted. You might be uncertain to even ask! Maybe you are at the beginning of your journey and you just aren't sure where to start. Or perhaps you have already tried many modalities, but haven't seen the improvement you hoped. Are you possibly tired of going from one practitioner to the next feeling uncertain if you're doing enough? Are you feeling stuck? Overwhelmed?

These are common paths we find in the life of parenting our exceptional children. You are not alone! Kari's expertise in gifted will bring answers, knowledge, and support to your journey.

Rock Maze

Wellness Paths specially designed to support the gifted individual, considering their unique profile such as sensory processing, social struggles, auditory processing, vision difficulties, attention, executive functioning, perfectionism, existential thinking, and more.

Learning how to Play Chess

Qualitative Assessment bringing forth a deeper understanding of who your child is in areas of intelligence, thinking, creativity, intuition, temperament, sensitivities, and more.

Marble Surface

Expert guidance through untangling the web of the many needs brought forth by our gifted kids' exceptionalities.

Girl with Bookshelves

Deepening understanding of the meaning and experience of being gifted and resources to support your growing knowledge.

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