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Founder and Coach


Kari Van Bebber

A daughter, sister, friend, aunt, mother, widow, educator, counselor, teacher, therapist, Reiki II Practitioner and a coach. Kari has over 20 years working with children, families and educators in schools, and over 10 years working as a mental health professional. Kari has a teaching credential, a school counseling credential and held her Marriage and Family Therapy license for 10 years before moving into helping clients through a coaching relationship. Her Bachelors in Child Development, minor in Psychology and Masters in Counseling with an emphasis in Marriage, Family, Children and Schools guides her work with each and every client and enables her to bring vast knowledge and experience to any client relationship. Kari spent six years as the Head of School of The Knox School of Santa Barbara gaining expertise in and leading best practices for gifted learners. She is currently also a Gifted Education and SEL Consultant for The Knox School of Santa Barbara and a Social Emotional Coach for Robin ( She has trained with gifted expert Anne Beneventi and currenlty works as a Gifted Specialist with Tessellations School in the Bay Area.

Kari’s connections are gentle and clear, and honest and kind. Her true gift is seeing each individual for who they are. She identifies strengths and through non judgement but honest perspectives brings forth clarity and change.

​“By education, training and experience I am a therapist. Through my work with students in the school settings I had the privilege to take a child to the playground as we talked and worked out problems. I would take a student on a walk and observe how much more they shared as we made our way around campus side by side instead of face to face in a small room. Pairing playing catch or shooting hoops with answering questions and sharing feelings was always a success! 

My goal continues to be to provide creative ways to connect and create an experience with people of all ages that feels comfortable, open and connective in a way that’s right for them. 

Working with human beings is a powerful connective experience. Each and every one of us brings forth a unique journey and I would love to join you on yours!”

Connecting The Dots

Services are offered with the foundation of connecting pieces of the whole person to bridge understanding and healing. My holistic approach is driven by the dream to best connect individuals to the most productive, supportive and effective path to reach their full wellness. 

I have been blessed with many special people in my life showing me the incredible power of connection in the big and the small.

My knowledge comes not only through my education and professional experience, but through personal life experiences and those of my family and close friends that have been touched with trying times. Cancer, grief, chronic illness, infertility, addiction, relationship struggles, anxiety, and just plain uncertainty in life are all experiences that have lead me to greater empathy, strength, grit, wisdom, perspective, courage and self growth. 

My knowledge and passion to help others comes from a deep understanding and a passion to help others. 

I can't wait to connect with you! 

"In a world of algorithms, hashtags, and followers, know the true importance of human connection." -unknown

I value and practice:




Doing our best


Being aware

Being mindful

For the best experience I hope my clients are willing to practice the same.

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