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Holistic & Individualized Mental Health Support

Youth, Teens, Individuals and Families

Kari Van Bebber looks at wellness with an integrative and holistic approach. Her approach begins with taking a comprehensive look at the client from the inside out, tending to all the pieces that come together to create a healthy, functional and fulfilling lifestyle. 

Through connecting with Kari you can work towards a deeper understanding of yourself or your child, identify hidden obstacles and clarify best next steps. Kari connects the dots and creates a supportive plan that is realistic for where you are in your personal journey. 

Kari believes that we do not need to be fixed, but we can all use help connecting the pieces of our journey. 

Through the coaching model you will collaboratively focus on the here and now goals. This work is coupled with connecting with appropriate referrals for support services and targeted skill building to better fully operate successfully in the every day world. 

All ages welcome!

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1:1 Therapy

Educational journey advocacy,
guidance and coaching

Holistic Screening and Qualitative Assessments

Expertise with
Children, Adolescents, Teens
& Gifted

Individualized, creative connections &

Untangling the web of what has been and what's to come

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison


1:1 Coaching & Consultation

Resource finding and connecting

Parenting Support

My Gifted Child

Gifted Specialist, Kari Van Bebber, provides answers, understanding and paths forward!

Gifted Support & Resource Center

Serving the Bright, Curious and Complex

The Only Dedicated Gifted Center 

in Santa Barbara, CA

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Santa Barbara, Ca


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